Experienced Partner for short and long term needs

All-round and versatile professional operating in the Greater Helsinki area offering project manager, marketing professional and product manager inhouse services to both customer and supplier companies.


Neala's Inhouse Services that make you shine!

Digital Project Manager with solid +15 years experience

If you are looking for an organizing force from agile startup quick launches to international large-scale projects, you have found your expert!


Product Manager who aligns between business & technology

Hands-on marketing-minded leader who not only define a clear overall vision and prioritized roadmap for your product, but also makes it happen!


Frequently asked questions

Who are Neala's clients?

Company of any size can be Neala's client, however not all passes the selection criteria. The key criteria for assignment are usually around the actual work assignment, team's qualities and ambition level.

What are work assignments like?

Anything that makes Jonna tick! Starting from large scale IT projects to localization, web development, eCommerce etc projects and services. Marketing responsibilities have varied from startups and small business activities to well-know commercial brands and digital online services.

How it works?

To begin, you should have an idea what you are looking for or a clear understanding of your problem. After FREE review and analysis, Jonna will make a proposal for you which will help you in your situation.

Do you work locally or remotely?

Both, regardless if your office is based in greater Helsinki area. I have several clients with whom I operate only remotely.

Why customer's choose Neala?

There is no alike than Jonna! She has a wide range of experience from business, marketing and technical fields. She's senior, amazingly efficient, get's things done and delivers always high-quality, reliably.

How to write a service contract?

As you wish! Operating is based on a flexible billing and collaboration model. You can book Jonna directly or via variety of channels like Finitec, ProSource, Barona IT.


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